How To Remove Body Hair Permanently – For Women

LaserHair at the visible places like face, upper lip, underarms, arms and legs are a real eye sore. The regular techniques of threading, depilatory creams and waxing provide just temporary relief from unwanted hair. After some time, hair grows back and you have to redo the process once again. To save women, the embarrassment of unwanted hair, permanent hair removal techniques are available. Such treatments help to remove the hair once and for all by destroying the hair follicle which prevents the hair from growing back, thus enabling you to enjoy smooth and clean skin.

Let us get in to the details of the various treatment options that help you once and for all to bid adieu to unwanted hair.

1. Electrolysis:

In this procedure, a tiny needle reaches down in to the hair follicle and the application of electric current generates heat which destroys the hair follicle and prevents the hair from growing back. Though this treatment requires multiple number of sittings, based on the area on which the hair is to be removed, nevertheless, it is inexpensive and has been the most adopted treatment option for those wanting to get rid of unwanted body hair. There are two types of electrolysis, galvanic and thermolytic.

The galvanic hair removal process makes use of chemicals to destroy the hair follicle, while the thermolytic hair removal process makes use of heat to destroy the hair follicle. In both ways, the results are permanent and you can enjoy smooth skin.

2. Laser Therapy:

The use of laser for hair removal has gained popularity because of its effectiveness and pain free way of being able to remove unwanted body hair permanently. Though it is expensive compared to the regular waxing treatments and requires a number of sessions, you do not have to repeat the procedure. While the number of laser sittings depends on the density of hair growth and the area on which laser is applied, a minimum of 5 to 6 sittings are generally required.

How Laser Works

Under this treatment option, a pulsed beam of light is targeted on the area from which hair is to be removed. The only caution that is required when doing this procedure is that it must be carried out by qualified and experienced dermatologist so that the right intensity of laser can be determined, without affecting the surrounding areas.

The beam of light penetrates deep in to the hair follicle and the heat generated destroys the hair shaft. Thought the treated hair would not immediately fall off, it is weakened and eventually falls off in a matter of days. As each hair is in a different stage of the growth cycle, a repeat of the procedure will ensure that over a period of time, all the laser exposed areas are completely hair free.

It is the dream of every woman to be able to slip into any costume without being worried about the embarrassment of visible hair. Methods like electrolysis and laser have opened the doors for women to have a hair free and smooth body permanently.