Understanding Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are simply bands or lines in skin caused by stretched connective tissue on the skin.

Stretch marks happen when the central layer of the skin gets quickly stretched, causing a breakage on some of its collagen, leading to underlying blood vessels to show through and leaves telltale purple or red marks.

As the blood vessels heal over time, the marks fade and change its color into white (or sometimes silver) color of marks.

Though they’re neither life threatening nor painful, they can be quite unsightly. And for some, this affects their confidence and self-esteem, and sometimes even leads to emotional distress. Also, in severe cases, this can cause someone’s skin to look disfigured.


What You Should Know About Stretch Marks

Though skin heals from bruises and cuts, it will not bounce back from being stretched, especially rapid stretched caused by rapid growth due to pregnancy, weight gain, or even extreme weight loss.


What You Can Do About Your Stretch Marks

There are already several treatment options for this skin problem. Generally, treatments can be difficult, if not expensive.

The way the treatment works is they simply improve the appearance of the stretch, but don’t really cause them to completely disappear. Also, it’s a case to case basis. Meaning, different patients with different skin types, severity, etc., will respond differently to the treatments. This makes the results vary widely.

When dealing with stretch marks, it’s always best to seek professional opinion, such as seeing your dermatologist. They can recommend the best possible treatment options for your specific problem.

Dermatologists often start treatments with a thorough diagnosis of your condition; he or she will check your medical history, including the medications you’re taking. This is because some medications such as hormones and steroids can actually cause stretch marks. Thus, it’s important to be honest with your doctor.

Also, note that stretch marks treatment isn’t done overnight. Dermatologists usually provide a treatment plan which may take several weeks, visits and treatment rounds.


There Is Hope Out There

Dermatologist and medical treatments for stretch marks, such as medications, topical treatments, and surgeries, can be really expensive. And this is the dilemma of most people suffering from the skin problem. However, there is hope out there.

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